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The Tell-Tale Treasure is a cold-case missing-person story, set in St. Petersburg, Florida, featuring two main characters: Ivy Chen and Rosie Renard. Ivy is a renowned classical musician, who plays an exotic musical instrument called an erhu, somewhat similar in sound to a violin. She disappeared after a series of concerts with The Florida Orchestra in the St. Pete area and was never found. There were leads, but no arrests, no sign of foul play, and no trace of her distinctive erhu, with a dragon head carved into the wood.

Thirty-nine months after Ivy’s disappearance, Rosie Renard, owner of a second-hand shop in St. Petersburg, opens a footlocker from an estate sale and finds items that belong to Ivy and were shown in all the local newspapers at the time of her disappearance. Rosie alerts the police. Experienced detectives check out everything that came from the estate and find new evidence that takes the case in a different direction. The cold case heats up.


Ripe for large-scale development, Big Shell Island is locked in a battle between preservationists and construction companies. Currently, the historic and mysterious island is the site of an archaeological dig for lost Native American artifacts. Artist Annie Devane agrees to be part of the team, despite conflicting feelings about expedition leader Matt Revington. He’s charming and dedicated, but she suspects this scion of a powerful and mistrusted family is hiding secrets. There is something buried on the island that will change its future. And Annie wants to know what.

Alone with people she’s not sure she can trust, Annie discovers a maze of caverns, tunnels and danger. As she unearths the real motive for the dig and the stunning truth at its heart, she pursues a terrifying trail of murder that leads back to her own tragic past. And a waiting killer….

Montauk Steps L

Photojournalist Lilli Masters is hired to do a photo shoot for the Labor Day festivities in the Long Island resort town of Grayrocks. When checking into the Baywatch Inn, she learns two female guests have gone missing. Immediately intrigued, and using her eye for detail, Lilli begins to follow their trail—into danger.

The historic area is home to an old Indian ceremonial site called the Montauk Steps, where ancient ways and new perils are about to merge. Lilli starts piecing together clues using her photos of this hauntingly beautiful local, even as acts of violence and sabotage follow her. Though she finds an unexpected ally in a vacationing police detective, not even he can keep her safe from a dangerous mind with an eye for murder. Lilli must make a choice—run, hide or move in for a close-up with the killer.

 Tomoka Mystery L2

Photographer Lilli Masters is more than willing to embark on a little undercover work with her new boyfriend if it means spending time together. His assignment is to head to Daytona Beach, Florida, on the trail of a killer who’s hiding out among a group of hard-core motorcyclists.

The weather is picture-perfect as Lilli and Detective Zack Faraday pose as a tourist couple. But growing danger quickly puts a damper on any sightseeing, and the discovery of a dead body tells Lilli that the trouble is just beginning. Soon she is stalked by dangerous men and immersed in a world of bikers, rare-flower poachers, murky waters and murder. Now it looks as if Lilli’s romantic getaway might just be the end of the line.

 Cinderella Murders L2
A young woman disappeared three weeks ago from a popular tourist hotel along the scenic New Jersey shore. With nothing but a cryptic phone call to go on, Kelly Madison, the victim’s sister, demands action from the local police, who seem oddly reluctant to look for trouble. Luckily for Kelly, one detective agrees with her suspicions, and together they try to piece together the victim’s last few days in the sunny seaside town.
With help from a local college professor who has been documenting the very quiet disappearance of several young women in the area, the clues point to a horrifying possibility—the woman has been abducted by a serial killer. Why are so many townsfolk willing to look the other way as murder happens right under their noses? Kelly’s persistence soon puts her in harm’s way, stalked by a madman eager to make her his next victim.
 Montauk Cove L

Photojournalist Lilli Masters returns to Grayrocks, a resort town on Long Island’s North Fork, intending to photograph the weekend history conference and forget about handsome and heroic Zack Faraday, who has broken her heart.

But when she rescues a bottle of wine that has washed ashore missing its label, her life takes an unexpected and dangerous turn. She finds herself embroiled in a decades-old intrigue that includes mysterious symbols, historic correspondence, a secret vault, an underwater passageway, and threats on her life.

All appear to be parts of a disturbing and dangerous puzzle relating to two murders that occurred at Montauk Cove near where Lilli found the wine. If she can survive and uncover the mystery of the treasure, Lilli vows to finally find time for the mystery closer to her heart: Zack Faraday.