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“Photojournalist Lilli Masters returns to Grayrocks, Long Island, to photograph and report on a history conference, but her discovery of a bottle of wine buried in beach sand and her curiosity about its age and where it came from plunge her into an investigation of the circumstances behind the murders of a shopkeeper and a conference speaker. This fast-moving mystery offers a fascinating amalgam of history, geography, and oenology all seamlessly woven through an exciting mystery with a cast of interesting characters, some endearing and others sinister or enigmatic. Lilli is warned against investigating the crimes on her own, getting in the way of police work, and placing herself in danger, but her journalistic instincts won’t let her heed that warning. Here’s a warning for the reader: The Treasures of Montauk Cove is not a long book, and author Diane Sawyer has cunningly kept the action-packed chapters short, so the captivated reader will find it easy to say at the end of each chapter, “I’ll read just one more,” and thus be lured into reading the entire book in a single sitting.”

E. Rose Sabin, author of Seduction of the Scepter and Mistress of the Wind.


The Treasures of Montauk Cove will please readers who enjoy blends of the historical mystery, the cozy, and romantic suspense.”

Barbara Bibel, Booklist


“Florida author Diane Sawyer (offers) mystery with a side of history…She finds inspiration all around her. Her insatiable interest in people and places, past and present, has spawned several award-winning short stories and five meticulously researched novels.”

Jackie Minniti, The Island Reporter


“Diane Sawyer…has published The Montauk Mystery and The Montauk Steps, both set in Long Island and featuring interesting information about the American Indians who lived there and the relics they have left…There’s also a nice love story and a feisty grandmother to liven things up.”

Mim Anne Houk “Take Note” Column, The St. Petersburg Times


“If you like mysteries, perhaps you’d like to cuddle up with a good read by Diane Sawyer, a former teacher and administrator in the East Ramapo Central School District. A prolific writer, she recently had two books in a series, The Montauk Mystery and The Montauk Steps published in the same year.”

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…The road to being published is often bumpy and circuitous. With two mystery novels out and several stories in progress, Diane Sawyer keeps her seatbelt fastened, stays on course and enjoys the view along the way…The Montauk Mystery (is) a tale that entwines mystery, romance, archeology and the history of Long Island’s Montauk people.

“Alumni Standouts column,” Seton Hall Magazine
Shannon Rossman Allen, Editor-in-Chief.